The exposition The Labyrinth of Light is an interactive installation of visual and light instruments and objects, based on the principle of perception of light and its rediscovery by means of play and imagination. The concept of the exhibition was created by Petr Nikl and Ondřej Smeykal. Again, the exhibition is coauthored by an international group of artists who have been participating on the shared concepts since 2000. The visitors find themselves in scenery of light interactions, in a hushed space with changing light waves of colors and forms. Participating actively, the visitors partake in creating a unique space for mutual communication and creativity. The openness to interactivity, contact and an active participation of the visitors are the common factors of the exhibition.


On 14th of July 2009 the exhibition has ended its premier stay in Ecotechnical museum in Prague. During its two months stay the exhibition was visited by more then 40 000 visitors. During the 2010 it was presented in Ostrava in House of Art from 9. 4. to 18. 7. 2010. The exhibition was followed by concerts and performences. The success of the tour in Ostrava confirms the attendance of 14 000 visitors.

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