The unsual exhibition, which was prepared by Petr Nikl and Ondřej Smeykal, is drew up as a permanent creative workshop. To play, to cut, to design, to rip is not only allowed to children and adults, but mostly recommended. The exhibition was tailored for the libraries in order to amplify the phenomena of a book and as a space which interconnect the text and the image. The exhibition is based on the recording of the incessant birth of the creative process mapped by means of record on paper in its various forms. Visitors are drawn into interaction by means of record, frotage and an interaction system consisting in large size recycled paper.


The main medium of the LeoporeloGame is paper.

Paper is presented not only as a medium of record; but also as a space for the image; as a sound instrument; as a kinetic object and as a soft absorption space for scratches and blows as well as for the lead trace. Paper represents the key communication medium onto which the visitors of the exhibition can record their feelings as well as reactions to the records of other people. Thus a never ending book of records is created by the visitors themselves, merging the genres of an exhibition document, diary or chronicle.










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